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I have taken some strange lessons away from RPG campaigns:

In the West: Shooting an ally in the leg to prevent her from doing something stupid is not a sound plan.

Welcome to Infinity: When providing the means to procure illegal hooch for an ally, make sure he signs a waiver.

Artifacts and Kalids: Changing your species to hook up is highly immoral and yet highly effective.

Forsaken Territory: Werewolves are not cuddly.

Castle Ravenloft: A poorly made D20 build can easily die three times in the same campaign.

Chrysolite: Do not waste time developing a biogenetic plague. Someone in the party will get cold feet about releasing it.

The Vacuum: It doesn't matter how much you get paid if your home city falls from the sky.

War of the Lance: It is best not to ask a warlock for clarification on where his powers come from.

Auspicious Beginnings: All the luck in the world won't save you from a nanite-infused super villain with no sense of humor.

Rangers of the Dusty Trail: If a member of your party sees things that aren't there, perhaps he doesn't get an equal vote in group decisions.

City of the Damned: Don’t get involved in family squabbles, especially when one of those involved is packing a dragon-fire shotgun.

The Sound of Drums: If it looks too good to be true, someone wants you dead.

The Golden Gatekeepers: When making wishes, perhaps it is best to take a moment and remember your cousin trapped in hell.

Contact: When purchasing bulk corpses, always inspect the merchandise.  

Tales of the Infinity Patrol: If the girl can be two-sides of a love triangle on her own, perhaps you shouldn't hand her a grenade.

Being Human: Creepy dolls make the most loyal friends.

Our Dear Departed: If the price of failure is to become a Lurker, don’t do it!
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