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From an old talk on game design, Raph Koster mentioned that Robert Cialdini identified six strong persuasive characteristics in humans:

1. We like people who give us gifts.
2. We hate changing our minds
3. We imitate those like us.
4. We are suckers for those we like
5. We trust apparent authority.
6. We overvalue rare things.

In The Gift of Fear, Gavin De Becker mentioned some broad generalities about human nature:

1. We seek connection with others.
2. We are saddened by loss and try to avoid it.
3. We dislike rejection.
4. We like recognition and attention.
5. We will do more to avoid pain than we will do seek pleasure.
6. We dislike ridicule and embarrassment.
7. We care what others think of us.
8. We seek a degree of control over our lives.

It is amazing how often in online games these generalizations apply to people's good or bad behavior. A random holiday gift of "pixel crack" is an easy way to buy player good-will. Players won't change their minds on a system easily; this will keep a certain part of the population away from Felucca indefinitely. The "rare" EM rewards sell for crazy prices despite having no mechanical purpose and just being dyed common items.


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