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Last night's Deadland's campaign ended in pretty much a TPK. The only member of the party who managed to run away had already been killed and was brought back as a Harrowed zombie earlier. Since TPKs happen so rarely in beholdsa's games (this being the second in ten campaigns), they can actually be interesting to think about. Wikipedia of course has a decent article on them:

Looking at last night's, our "plan" was solid enough, though we were fighting one of the big four evils of the setting. I've seen worst plans, though mechanically speaking any plan that requires suprise also requires the stealth skill on more than none of the characters. There was certainly some underestimating of the big villain, but I think the fight was pretty fair since he didn't have his cultist army with him.

The randomizing mechanics (dice and cards) hated us last night. I managed to cast as spell that backfired so badly that even after reducing the wound number with a Benny, I was still half dead. Our super regenerating elixer didn't heal our ally despite the GM spending a lucky point to let us reroll out of sympathy!

It actually felt good to have the campaign end like that since it meant things weren't too rigged in our advantage. What is the point of having a randomizer if some magical hand will just make things work out in the end?


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