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I'm slow. I don't fill out profiles that often. I have so many online accounts and such that it seems pointless to write them most of the time. I never got around to putting up some userpics until today. I guess I want to show them off now and explain why I picked them.

This clock was from a painting I did for a Planescape campaign I was part of. My GM allows us to do a weekly journal for our characters to get special benefits (experience, luck points, etc.). For one character, I wrote poems. For another I talked about crazy theories that were always wrong. For this one, I painted.

The great thing about painting is that even if you aren't very good, it feels right. Drawing or writing never feels that way for me. I'm not that good at drawing, so it is mostly seeing my mistakes. With writing, I know I'm a hack at best. It is hard to enjoy something with a critic demon on your shoulder. I don't get that as much with painting.

I also like gears and the idea of tinkering with things. My job is mostly tinkering with bacteria (plasmids, genes, proteins). I like the Mad Scientist roles in a lot of games.


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